Elder Austin J. Johnson

Elder Austin J. Johnson
Elder Austin Johnson has been called to serve in the Marshall Islands Marjuro Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and invites you to share in his adventure! "You will know at the finish line."

Monday, January 23, 2017

Ailinglaplap is just a memory

We received an email from Elder Johnson letting us know that due to Elder Kendrick's illness and the small population of Ailinglaplap, President Larkin has decided to pull the missionaries from that atoll.

Mom Dad and Fam!

I am alive! The internet is back on, and it is slower than ever! What
a time to have the internet off. Some details:

Went to ALAP for 8 days, told the AP's and President the life there,
lets just say they pulled us off because of it but I should be
returning soon.

I now work in Ajeltake until next transfer at least with my brother,
Elder Hansen

So much to say and so little time! Shoot all the questions you've got!

Elder Austin Johnson

Here are some pics of ALAP

LDS meeting house and missionary house.
LDS Meeting House (11 members)

Road to Church

The Ailinglaplap Marriott...not.

The master bedroom.

An Elder and his water bottle. (Kendrick)

An Elder and his machete.

Sunset from Ailinglaplap.

Kendrick and Johnson

"I said goodbye to one of the best missionaries ever.  He helped me so much in the mission.  His name is Elder  Hartvigsen. He is my adopted mission dad."

Christmas and other Photos

Mission Christmas Party

First Christmas package from home!

Never shy of the camera.

Opening packages from home!

Marshall Islands Majuro Mission

Hanging out at the mission office

Two missionaries about to return home.

Zone Conference

18 January 2017: Another Letter from the Mission Office

Dear Families,
Our internet service seems to be "sneaking" back on  intermittently !  Perhaps, and hopefully, by Monday there will be enough band width restored that your missionary can actually email you -- but please don't be alarmed if that doesn't happen...
Update - everyone is doing very well.  Elder Hartvigsen, Sister Iongi and Sister Mati Leifi left last night for home.  Elders Johnson and Kendrick are here in Majuro (President closed Aingilaplap - not enough people there to warrant 2 missionaries full-time), Elders Polson and McFall leave Saturday for Ebeye, Elder Barrow leaves Sunday for Wojte (that is, IF Air Maybe flies!) and Elder Sheffield will come back to Majuro on that same return flight, Elders Theil and Robison come to Majuro from Ebeye on Monday.and our 3 new missionaries arrive from the MTC later this morning.  There are several other transfers within Majuro, but I'll let your missionaries tell you about those.
So all is very well here.  Thank you for your prayers - they certainly are a blessing to all of us.
Komol tata,
Sister Goodsell

09 January 2017 A Letter from the Mission Office

Dear Parents and families of RMI missionaries,

The internet repairs have still NOT been completed in the underwater fiber optic cable -- UGH!  We received a text from NTA (National Telecommunications Agency) that the repairs are now scheduled to be completed on January 18 --- but don't hold your breath!  This is the 4th time they have re-scheduled the completion of repairs.  Being a missionary parent many times over, I understand your concern at not hearing from your missionary.  Perhaps, it may allay some of your concern if we agree that I will email you as soon as service is restored.  Then you will know when to expect an email from you son/daughter.  
Elder Goodsell and I are accompanying a group from the Majuro Stake who are coming to Laie Temple to receive their endowments and that's why we are able email you.  We arrived in Hawai'i earlier this morning and now that everyone is somewhat settled I wanted to just send you a quick note.
All the missionaries were doing well when we left.  The 4 pairs of missionaries serving on outer islands had all arrived safely and were in various stages of settling in. For missionaries on outer islands I will gather up their mail and send it out to them at the end of each month, either via boat or plane, whichever is more reliable at the time!
Just a personal note - this might be a wonderful opportunity (a blessing in disguise) to begin writing old fashioned paper and ink letters to your missionary.  Those letters will be read more thoroughly and more frequently, and perhaps long after their missions, than the emails they currently receive.  Their internet time on Preparation Day is limited so they have to divide their time between reading and writing emails.  Maybe with less to read they will have more to write. (They assure me that no one pays to have their emails printed off.)  Anyway, that's just something to perhaps consider.
And know that I'm in the same boast with you - without internet, I don't get to hear from our children or grandchildren either... Thank heaven for modern technology - when it works!
Our love and appreciation to each of you.  You are in our prayers, too.
Sister Goodsell