Elder Austin J. Johnson

Elder Austin J. Johnson
Elder Austin Johnson has been called to serve in the Marshall Islands Marjuro Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and invites you to share in his adventure! "You will know at the finish line."

Monday, March 27, 2017

19 March 2017: An Original Poem


The alarm sounds in the morning
its time to wake and rise
a voice says "hey, why don't you stay?"
As you start to close your eyes

Do you forget the Savior?
In a moment of weak defense
Satan did appear, but with no fear,
The Lord said "Get thee hence"

When you and your companion
Aren't off to a good start
Each word just grows closer to blows
There's hate inside your heart

Do you forget the Savior?
Us, the 'fruit of His loins'?
Remember the Son, 'cause he still loved the one
who sold Him for thirty coins

When times in your area
Are as hard as they can be
With every door; the failure's more
Your lessons down to three

Do you forget the Savior?
A man who had no blunders
With every part, He gave His heart
Yet his disciples got all the numbers

When your success is getting dim
As your finding His lost sheep
Do you just use this poor excuse
To quit and get more sleep?

Do you forget the Savior?
I wonder if you can...
'Cause with his Hand, when his words were banned
He served His fellow man

When you are being scolded
By a man who lies ahead
With a sullen frown, do you look around
at the next house with pure dread

Do you forget the Savior?
When for lying He was blamed
With every scold, He grew more bold
The Master, unashamed

Do you go to a lesson 
And the family isn't there?
And though they live, you won't forgive
And their salvation, you don't care

Do you forget the Savior?
Who was tortured by the Jews
Looked at the crowd, and said aloud
"They know not what they do"

When there's a rule that's hard
to follow every day,
You've tried every way, yet start to stray
You begin to disobey

Do you forget the Savior?
Who chose to stay than run
When through the more, our sins He bore
Yet said "Thy will be done"

Are days just getting weary
As you walk the same old streets
As you go home, you've only grown
in blisters on your feet?

Do you forget the Savior?
Who suffered for you and me?
And caked in dirt, I'm sure it hurt
on the road to Calvary

When you feel like you're wasting time
You think you can't progress
You know you've sinned, the guilt comes in
You know you've shirked your best

Do you forget the Savior?
And the strait road that he paved
Our sins He bore, bled from every pore
So that we may be saved

As you leave the mission 
You've packed your last backpack
The ticket's bought, but in your thoughts
You're wanting to come back

Do you forget the Savior?
Whose mission bought all sin
Do you think He may, be counting the day
'Til He comes back again?

When you head back home
You've paid the two-year price
You've so much grown, and have certainly known
about Him; Jesus Christ

Please don't forget the Savior
In your future, still unknown
'Cause like this time, think in your mind
How much He wants you home

Jesus Lives. Let His love be shown in you and through you to others

Elder Johnson

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